The state of privacy in America: What we learned

The Tech sector sees as the next big things everything related to Smart: Smart Home, Digital Assistants, Internet of Things, the Cloud, etc. Although I would agree on their immense potential to make our lives more comfortable (and therefore become a big growth market for Consumer Electronics companies), there is one big condition: data privacy.

The linked article references a Pew Research piece regarding just this issue. One thing that is clear is that people currently do not feel that their data is safe, and that this will be important going forward when it comes to adoption of new products and services and the choice in which brand to trust. 

It should worry these companies to read the following: 

For instance, 54% of Americans consider it an acceptable trade-off to have surveillance cameras in the office in order to improve workplace security and help reduce thefts. But a scenario involving the use of a “smart thermostat” in people’s homes that might save energy costs in return for insight about people’s comings and goings was deemed “acceptable” by only 27% of adults. It was seen as “not acceptable” by 55%.

The article is an interesting read, and I don’t want to go into much more detail here, but right now Apple seems to have the best message. They stand for the privacy of the data of their customers and make that a corner stone in their marketing. Google, on the other hand, is going to have a much more difficult time convincing people.

The state of privacy in America: What we learned


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