Smart home – so close, but still so far

Today I listened to another episode of the 361 degrees podcast. The hosts of the podcast do their annual challenge and this season it is all about the smart home.

After smartphones and tablets, the next big potential market for consumer electronics companies is the smart home (as a subset of the Internet of Things).

It is still a pretty nascent market, though. The issue with the smart home is the fact that so far the market has not been able to vote on the dominant standard that will make all the different devices, sensors, apps and services talk to each other. Both Apple, Google and Samsung have their own standards (and a bit of hardware in some cases) and there are lots of startups that have attractive solutions (lights, cameras, sensors, locks, etc).

Personally, I have not really launched into the smart home market yet, and that is mainly because of my doubts and questions around interoperability of sensors/devices/services, reliability of the routines/programmes, security and ease of use. The episode I am linking to in this post illustrates these issues very well:

Still, this is a market with a lot of potential and I recommend anyone that is interested in this to listen to the podcast episodes. I for one will start to try some stuff in the near future.

Smart home – so close, but still so far


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