BlackBerry Priv review

I never expected this to happen, but it just did. In a smartphone market where manufacturers are having difficulty differentiating their products, around comes Blackberry with their first Android-based smartphone and they pretty much hit it out of the park.

They have differentiated clearly on three things: a hardware keyboard, productivity and security/privacy. This, in an and of itself, is a good idea, as it makes them sort of unique in the market. However, Blackberry has always cared about that, which on the one hand makes them credible in their claims, but admittedly has not made a difference in their bottom line. They are currently not doing well.

However, the big thing with the Priv is that it is actually a great smartphone all round. Besides having differentiating features, it has a beautiful and crisp screen, good build quality, good ergonomics very good battery life, and a good camera.

This really means that when you get yourself a Priv you have a no-compromise device while still being able to enjoy its differentiating features.

In the current Android smartphone market it is difficult to get excited. I like the Nexus 6P because it is straight from Google. I like the Note 5 because it has the S-Pen and interesting multi-tasking features. And besides that, it is difficult to get too bothered about the rest, I am afraid.

We can now add to this list of unique smartphones the Blackberry Priv, and I had not expected this. I, for one, would love to try this out.

BlackBerry Priv review


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