Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6: 1 – 0

Just last week I purchased a Nexus 6 with the idea of selling on my Galaxy Note 4. However, much to my surprise, I’ll be returning the Nexus 6. Find out below why.

I have been the proud owner of 1 Nexus 4 and 2 Nexus 5′s. Stock Android is by far my preferred “version” of Android, due to its lightness, design and slickness. I feel it is how Android was meant to be. Also, the Nexus devices have the added benefit of receiving the OS updates immediately. Given this situation, I figured I’d prefer the Nexus 6 over the Galaxy Note 4, but that was not the case.

The Galaxy Note 4 is not perfect. As I wrote in my last post, RAM management on the Galaxy Note 4 is not great. Also, the opening of the Gallery app from the camera app (to review the picture I just took) is a very frustrating task that can easily take more than 5 seconds! But those really are only two issues with the phone.

Besides these two downsides, the rest of the phone is great. The screen is ample, bright, high resolution, and with natural colours. It has a big battery, which is replaceable. It has 32 Gb on board storage and is expandable with Micro SD. The camera takes great pictures. It has some nice software features that take advantage of the large screen and it has the S-Pen (which I don’t use often, but really comes in handy at times).

The Nexus 6, in contrast, also has a great screen, fantastic front-facing speakers, ample storage, very good battery with Qi charging and a smooth OS. However, the phone is just a bit too big for me, and that was without a case. Also, it had some bluetooth issues with my external speakers, and the camera is of poor quality when compared to the Note 4.

In the past, I have dropped my Galaxy Note 3 for a Nexus 5, which also won later on from the OnePlus One. I love stock Android, but Samsung has done such a great job with the Note 4, that I just can’t move it on just yet.


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