OnePlus One … don’t settle for that

After some 5-6 weeks with the OnePlus One I have finally sold it on. The phone is not bad, but I just didn’t want to use it anymore and I won’t recommend it.

When I bought my OnePlus One this summer, I also got, reasonably quickly, an invite to share. With this invite a colleague of mine bought another one. The experience has not been trouble free, I am afraid, for either one of us.

Mine started showing a 2-3 cm long line of dead pixels after about 3 weeks of use. I realise that it won’t bother everybody, but it is something I just can’t unsee once I have seen it. I contacted them regarding this issue, and it took them over 3-4 weeks to recognise that it should fall under warranty and they would replace it. And that was with me being quite pushy, because they were very slow in responding and uncoordinated in their responses when different departments are involved.

My colleague’s phone starting showing occasionally a black horizontal line on the phone. Sometimes it flickered and sometimes it moved. She accepted it and lived with it – though it looked a bit suspicious to me. However, now her phone just simply bricked this week. It is in a continuous boot loop. We have just contacted after sales service and let’s just hope that they will immediately issue an RMA.

I guess I have just lost faith in the product and the associated after sales service. A phone is too important for me to have both of these unreliable.

On paper, the OnePlus One is a great phone, and even better when you consider the price. Maybe, for that price I should cut the company some slack. Everything comes at a price and that includes customer service. And that may be true, but it also means that I have concluded that I am willing to pay a little more for a different (better) phone. In addition, it means I won’t be recommending it anymore. 


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