Are the new iPhones the right size?

For existing iPhone users a whole new world will open itself before their eyes when they start using the new iPhones with their 4.7” and 5.5” screens. However, I do wonder whether these were the right sizes.

I have been using Android phones for quite some time, including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 3. And currently I have a nexus 5 (5”) and OnePlus One (5.5”).

On the one hand we have the 4.7” of the iPhone 6. I realize that for current iPhone users that is a considerable step up and therefore I am sure few will complaint. However, I really feel that they could have gone a little beyond that and compete directly with the mainstream Android phones like the Galaxy S5, One M8 or G3. I really like my Nexus 5 and think it just starts to push the comfortable level with its size while at the same time give me more space. I think 4.7” is a conservative bet, and although it will work out for Apple, it is not forward looking.

The 5.5” is certainly more forward looking, but we are immediately talking about a cumbersome one-handed experience (although “reachability” does help). It has just about the exact same size of the OnePlus One and I really like that screen size, but I do wonder whether going to 6” would have made more sense once the decision is made to thrown “convenient size” out of the window.

I also wonder about 6”, because they are looking to implement a landscape split two-column user interface, like in Mail. From my experience, it is not a great experience even on a large screen like those of the Note. Apple designs interfaces better than Android, so maybe it’ll work, but I think an additional 0.5” would make it just that little bit better.

This is of course all rambling from my side, but I somehow feel they should have gone for the sweet spot at 5” and at the same time increase the Plus to 6” for added functionality.


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