OnePlus One | Performance and responsiveness

As I previously mentioned here, my first impressions of the OnePlus One are quite good. However, I would like to touch on something that I have noticed all these days: issues around performance/responsiveness.

The issue is particularly that at times it does not register well touch input. It certainly is something that I can live with, but it hurts the flow of operation. Also there are sometimes issues (though less often) with the screen rotation, where it won´t rotate when it should. These issues become particularly obvious when I compare it with my Nexus 5 which is so responsive!

The OnePlus One is well specified with a 2,5Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor and 3Gb of RAM, so it can not be down to this. It is clear that the software is still a bit immature and needs another couple of updates.

I used to flash plenty of ROMs on my Galaxy S smartphones and it reminds me a bit of a beta ROM in that sense. It is certainly more stable, with no battery drain problems, but responsiveness is an issue.

I hope they can fix it soon.


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