Article: Prepare For The Smartwatch Assault

Prepare For The Smartwatch Assault.

It is still incredibly early days in this nascent market, but it is true that the development rate is high and everybody seems to want a piece of it.

We all realise that Apple’s future iWatch will be an important product launch, for both the product category as well as Apple. Everybody says that watches are at least as much, if not more, about looks as opposed to functionality. I guess that is true, but if that can’t be everything. People have stopped wearing watches, and that is not because they are not fashionable anymore.

Getting the right combo of looks and functionality is the difficult part.

We don’t actually know yet what functionality people want on their wrist. Furthermore, there are still some clear technological obstacles, such as screen quality, battery life, and dimensions.

As for looks, I think that is the most difficult part, because personal preferences are so different.

I am really curious how this develops in the coming two years.

Article: Prepare For The Smartwatch Assault


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