One more chapter in my Windows Phone journey, trialling a Lumia 1520

When it comes to Windows Phone, so far I have tried a HTC 8X, Huawei Ascend W1, Nokia Lumia 800, 920 and 1020. With every iteration I have come closer to actually using Windows Phone (particularly the Lumia iteration) on a daily basis. However, it is hard to move away from Android after so many years with that flexible and powerful platform.

Today the fine people of Nokia Connects, will allow me to trial a Nokia Lumia 1520. This may be the phone that confirms that I can use it on a daily basis and let go, for some time, of Android.

Does it fit comfortably in a jeans pocket?
Does it fit comfortably in a jeans pocket?

Of all the phones I have tested I have found the screen sizes to be a little bit too small, perhaps – although I do go through phases. That particular issue certainly won’t be the problem for the 6″ monster of a Lumia 1520. If anything, it is going to be too big! I am currently using a Galaxy Note 3, so I am used to a large phone, but the Lumia 1520 is a whole step up in terms of size compared to my Note 3. Only day-to-day use will allow me to judge its size.

The other issue was always Windows Phone itself and perhaps to a larger extend the app ecosystem. I have installed the preview of Windows Phone 8.1 on my Huawei Ascend W1 and I quite like it. I should think that in terms of OS, Windows Phone 8.1 is good enough now.

The app ecosystem is getting more and more mature for Windows Phone and I hope that trying it now in Q2 2014 it should be better than 6 months ago. I realise progress is slow, but let’s see how I get on.

Those are really the only doubt I can have about this phone, because everything else is top-notch: screen quality, speaker quality, camera quality, performance, battery autonomy, … I shall be comparing extensively to my Galaxy Note 3, which is certainly its closest and fiercest competitor in the market place.


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