Samsung is doing well, but should do better

Samsung is the dominant android smartphone manufacturer. As an owner of the original Galaxy S, the S II, Note, and now S III I understand why they do well. However, I also think that they can and should do better.

Of the 4 Galaxy smartphones I have had, the Galaxy S II is by far the best balanced. The RAM, processor and screen resolution were in perfect balance. On the Note and the S, I found that the processor was not powerful enough – though it worked better with newer versions of Android.

The latest example is the S III. It is a speedy phone, but it is in dire need of more RAM. In the Samsung task manager I normally have only 1 or 2 apps open. The rest is closed down by the OS. That means I continuously have to reload apps. Given its fast processor, it is probably workable for most people. However, yesterday I played around with someone’s Galaxy Note II with its 2 Gb of RAM. It had 6-8 apps open with lots of RAM to spare. It multi-tasked like a dream! I really think Samsung failed to make the right decision as towards the RAM of the S3.

Only 2 apps open on my SGS3.
9 apps open on the Note 2.

Another sign of the lack of RAM on the SGS3 is that when I recently flashed a Jelly Bean AOKP Rom – a Rom that is lighter than the TouchWiz Roms from Samsung – it multi-tasked much better.

All of the four phones that I mention above are (or were in its time) the flagship phones of Samsung, but when you get down to the Galaxy Aces and Galaxy Minis of the Samsung world, it gets a lot worse. Way too often do I hear of stories of people that can’t have more than three apps installed before the phone runs out of internal storage. When they have a Whatsapp update, they first have to uninstall some app, before they can actually update it. I find it a bit of a disgrace that Samsung does not do better. They are the de-facto market leader and they should show how it is done.


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