Check list for the Nokia Lumia 800 review

The people from Nokia Connects will allow me to trial a Nokia Lumia 800. I have played with a few Windows Phones in the shops, but this will be the first Windows Phone I’ll try more extensively. It will be a great opportunity to evaluete how well it stacks up to their two biggest competitors, and I can see whether Nokia has a winner on their hands with this device.

More specifically, I’ll be reviewing the following things:

  1. Applications. On my Android and iPad I have very similar applications, and I could switch from one to the other with relative ease. I’m going to see whether my bases are covered with Windows Phone. Particularly, I need applications for podcasting, audible, twitter, facebook, google reader, path, tapatalk, read it later, evernote, exchange email & calendar, google email, contacts and calendar, Google+, …
  2. Multimedia handling. I am fully aware that Windows Phone is managed through software on the computer. With Android, I have cut the cords to a large extent, and I am curious to see how well I get on with the Windows Phone paradigm. Particularly, I am interested to see how well videos and music are side loaded – with a focus on video formats. Lastly, I don’t listen to a lot of music on my phone, but occasionally I do. I am pretty curious about the Nokia Music app they have developed, because it could be pretty much perfect for me.
  3. Maps. I have always been a fan of Nokia Maps and I consider it to be a plus on any mobile phone. On Symbian it is a very mature application, while it appears that on Windows Phone it is now mainly a Sat Nav application.
  4. Performance. Windows Phone does not support the higher screen resolution we have seen from its competitors recently, neither the dual core processors. Will what they have now be enough to create a quality experience. While we are at it, I really like to know how well battery life lasts.
  5. Windows Phone specific functions. Windows Phone is really a pretty unique approach and I am very interested to see how Live Tiles, the Me tile, social network integration, notifications, deep app linking, local scout, “multitasking”, etc. work in normal life.

The only downside I have thus far seen with the Lumia 800 is that it has a Micro SIM. Makes it more difficult for me to actually review the device. It is of course not really a big issue in the market place. Can’t wait for it to arrive…


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