Apple event – news

Steve just presented a few new things. I followed it on the Engadget site. Check it out, as it has some nice pics to show off the new stuff. To sum it up, this is all news:

  • You can now create ring tones with iTunes, for $0.99
  • New colours for the Shuffles.
  • New iPod nano. It is the fat one we have seen pics of before. This is a really well done device: new form factor and new interface.
  • Renewed iPod Classic. It has lots of memory and the same interface as the new Nano. Too much memory if you ask me, for the screen size it has.
  • New iPod Touch. Basically it is an iPhone without the phone features and a little thinner. It has wifi and the Safari browser too. The addition to this, though, is the iTunes wifi music store: you can buy straight from the iPod – they will also make this available to the iPhone.
  • Not sure I should mention this, but they have entered into some strange deal with Starbucks. When you come close to a Starbucks you can see what music they are playing and download it – accessing its wifi network.
  • 8GB iPhone will start to sell at $399 (versus the $299 for the 8 GB iPod Touch).

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