Linux makes large strides into important markets

Linux is really gaining momentum in many different markets, as you can see from the following examples. I believe it has a bright future and it will really add to consumer/business choice.

Palm has played (and a little more than just playing) with the idea of working with Linux for their next gen devices. For quite some time we saw no news, but finally they revealed the Foleo. I know not everyone likes the concept – I do, by the way – but it is good to see this concrete step and the possibilities it offers. Very recently they have also revealed their new entry-level Treo, called the Centro. Although not certain, it may well be running on Linux as well (speculation at the moment). I like the possible prospects of it.

More generally, Palm Infocenter, regaring some research from ABI Research, writes that Linux-based platforms are expected to be the fastest growing Mobile OS. With the current low market presence, this should be no surprise, but 31% in 2012 is a very respectable number.

It is not only limited to mobile phones though: HP is following Dell and will start bringing Linux to the desktop (currently only Australia). Considering that Linux OS is normally for more advanced users, it is promising to see that the two main PC manufacturers will pre-install Linux. In terms of volume, it is still peanuts, though.

Novell is another company with an aim of making money from Open Source platforms. According to CNET they are now starting to make money. In fact, “in a quarter when Novell saw anemic growth in most of its businesses … Novell’s Linux business grew last quarter by 77 percent more than its size in the third quarter of 2006”. In this business we are talking about larger deals though. Take for example this recent deal: “a German state has signed a major contract with Novell for the supply of Linux server and desktop products to 33 universities.”

I am not even talking about TVs and the like, because some are running Linux as well. In any case, I think it is clear from these recent developments that Linux has a bright future.


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