Music store integration

The iTunes software and iPhone is a good duo: The integration works perfect and allows the user to add things to the phone easily, while it allows Apple an easy way to add features, upgrade software, and sell optional goodies, be it future software, games, ring tones, etc. No other phone manufacturer has achieved this sort of integration, and it looks like it is difficult to achieve.

Sony and its Walkman brand had a music store but after little more than 3 years, Sony Connect will be closed in the near future – mainly due to lack of success. It offered a rather closed system to a small audience, and it eventually did not reach the tipping point.

At the same time, we are hearing news of Nokia opening a door called Ovi. Supposedly it is the gateway to “a new Internet service for Nokia users to access music, games, maps, guides, synchronize information and network with friends using their devices and/or the PC”, according to Gizmodo. I think I like to sound of it. An N95 with 8Gb of memory looks like a great companion to this new initiative from Nokia.

As I said, it is not easy to achieve something that Apple has. Nokia has a large user base, it has capital and ideas. Just maybe this thing can take off. I hope so … competition is good.


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