Nokia advances in Connecting People

All about symbian reports that Mosh from Nokia is in full beta now. You can sign up on its site.

After launching the Jaiku S60 client about two months ago, news of acquiring Twango a month ago, and this news about Mosh, it is obvious that Nokia is serious about connecting people.

Mosh is a site that allows you to create content, organise favorites, and share it via your PC or mobile phone with the rest of the community. Combining this service with the powerful Nokia phones, for example, really enables you to connect with others on the move.


2 thoughts on “Nokia advances in Connecting People”

  1. Just a small correction – while Jaiku has a lot of ties with Nokia (both are based in Finland, and a number of Jaiku staff are ex-Nokia employees), Jaiku is a separate entity from Nokia.

    Your post gives the impression that that’s not the case 🙂


    [disclaimer – I work for Jaiku – but I’m not ex-Nokia]

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